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After coming home from school and telling my parents that I was cast in a music video and a movie (Earth Song by Edgar Winter and Sweet Billy and the Happy Gang) they decided they better get me some headshots and an agent. Looking back on having the chance to work as a child actor on the Wonder Years and Thirty Something was such a great teaching experience for me. Being exposed to such a professional crew and cast helped shape my work ethic and pure joy for performing. As a teenager, I was suddenly thrown into musical theatre after my high school band teacher started a musical theatre group for children and young adults (Steppin’ Out Musical Theatre). At first hesitant to join, I was pleasantly surprised at being surrounded by the beautiful girls that all needed dance partners to lift them, men I found out were usually in short supply. Thus I found a new love for the Performing Arts, or rather dancing and singing found me. Some of my favorite productions with Steppin’ Out were, Newsies (we produced this 15

About Me

Soon after Shag With A Twist closed, I was already performing in my next show, Donn Arden’s Jubilee! This became my bread and butter performing job for the next seven years! I feel so fortunate to have worked there as I was able to focus on my more artistic passions and still perform onstage nightly in the longest continuously running show in America. I became a founding member of the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theatre. Being exposed to all the circus arts in Las Vegas, I became infatuated with the character and comedic actors in the Cirque shows in town. I decided that my new love for this is where I would want to focus my creative energies. I soon found myself performing in Late Night Comedy Cabarets where all the clowns and character actors would work on new material they wanted to test out. This became a smash hit show called 1230 Clown Show with sold out audiences every time we performed. All this clowning around somehow brought me back full circle to film and stage acting after I saw an audition for a film and thought, why not? After booking three films in a row, I was cast as Picasso in Picasso at the Lapin Agile (Steve Martin’s first full length play). It was the first time I had done a straight play (no singing or dancing) in ten years. Since then I was cast as a lead in my first feature film “Last Day Of School” which is now available on Amazon Prime and am currently in preproduction for my first short film that I co-wrote and will be co-producing and co-directing. I can’t help but feel fortunate at everything I’ve accomplished and at the same time excited for what is in store for the future. I feel confident that whether you need an Actor, a Dancer, a Singer, a Clown, a Mime, a director or a choreographer - I’m your man!

years before Disney even had an inkling of the Broadway version) and Grease. I eventually found my way into the concert dance world when a director of a small contemporary dance company, and a dance studio, saw me performing with my musical theatre group at a small school festival and immediately offered me a full scholarship and a spot in her company (There were girls who needed to be lifted!). Some of my favorite productions with California Theatrical Ballet are Street Car Named Desire, The Snow Queen and Romeo and Juliet. I never thought my concert dance roots would bring me to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, but after dancing as the Nutcracker Prince for the San Pedro City Ballet, the director approached me to perform as one of the lead characters in the murder mystery dance musical Shag With A Twist, featuring the art of world famous illustrative artist Josh Agle aka “Shag”.

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