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About Me

Preserve your Past, 

Reveal your Present,

and Create your Future...


So, I guess it all starts in a small Italian restaurant near Hollywood, California. One night while my family was eating dinner, little four year old me seizes the moment. I decided the best thing to do was to stand in the corner of the booth and sing “Old McDonald Had A Farm” to anyone who would watch. I’m pretty sure that’s the only song I knew back then. My mother turned to my dad and said "I guess we better find out about getting him into show business!" Flash forward around 20-30 years and here I am still doing the same thing, performing for anybody who’ll watch me. Along the way I was fortunate to pick up some film and TV roles, dance in a few dance companies and perform nightly on the world famous Las Vegas strip. Being an artist is one of the most important jobs in our society. Artists inspire you! They distract you from pain. They make you FEEL! They create the future and remind you of the past.

Las Vegas, NV

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